MPSA Podcasts

Episode 1: What is "Managed Print Services"?

In our first podcast we look at where Managed Print Services are coming from, what the current state is and what's coming up in the near future.

We'll hear whether there's a right or wrong, how complex MPS can be and much more.

Join our MPSA Education Committee specialists Laurie McLevish (co-Chair), Aldo Spensieri, Bill Macvicar, Ed Mosteller, Mitchell Filby, and their host Petra Diener, Chair of the Education Committee.

Episode 2: MPS “International”

In this episode, we look at the international aspects of Managed Print Services.

Are there differences? What do they have in common?

Your MPSA specialists today: Tawnya Stone, President MSPA; Laurie McLevish (co-chair); Mitchell Filby and Petra Diener, Chair of the Education Committee. 

Episode 3: Mergers, Acquisitions and the Impact on the MPS Dealership Landscape

Listen to what MPSA members and special guest Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts have to say about mergers, acquisitions, and the impact on the office imaging dealership landscape. 

Episode 4: Mergers, Acquisitions and the Impact on the MPS Vendor Landscape

Listen to what MPSA members and special guest Patricia Ames, BPO Media, have to say about mergers, acquisitions and the impact on the software/hardware vendor landscape.

Episode 5: Billing Models

Together with West McDonald and Bud Karakey, we will explore billing models: What's new, what was, what will be.

Listen to this lively discussion with industry specialists Laurie McLevish, Tawnya Stone, Aldo Spensieri, Bill MacVicar, Ed Mosteller, Edwin Jongsma, Mitchell Filby, and guests Bud Karakey, VP Sales and Marketing, BEI Services, Inc., and West McDonald, VP of Business Development Tigerpaw Software Inc.

Episode 6: MPSA - Security: What & Why

Printing, office, documents, communication and more are part of a leading security strategy. Whether you are a customer, dealership or just yourself, find out what our experts have to say. Join Ron Alphin, Vice President Sales Operation, ABM Federal; Paul Pedersen, Director of Business Intelligence and Managed Services, Guy Brown; Bill Macvicar, Technical Support Manager, American Printware Inc.; Ed Mosteller, CEO perform IT US, LLC and Petra Diener, CEO & Communication Specialist, 3 Across The Sea. 

Episode 7: MPSA - Marketing, Smarketing? Why you need a solid sales and marketing strategy

Join the MPSA Education Committee discussing the importance of marketing, sales and marketing alignment, content strategy and more, with sales and marketing experts Edwin Jongsma; Josie Heskje, Great America Financial Services; and Darrel Amy, CIO Convergo.

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